Parent & Teacher Associations Program

How to recommend us to parents?

Share your personal discount code with parents and teachers of your organisation. Using this code when checking out, parents will get a 10% discount on their order at for their first order only. As an non-profit organization you will get a 15% comission for every order placed and completed in your name. You can check your earned commissions on your account at any time (1).


Devenez parrain ou marraine Ludilabel !

Is the program limited?

There is almost no limitation to the program but read our terms and agreement. You can share your personal discount code to as much parents as you want. Private messages, private forums or private groups are perfect for sharing ! We advise you to share the code hand-to-hand by giving your document to parents (flyers, letters etc...) or within your e-communication (newsletters, emails). We can send you our own flyers on demand! 

If your organization are engaged on social medias: 

You can share the web address (URL) of our website, at any time on social medias, but remember that your discount code must be shared only on private areas of social medias. Please inform parents that the code you gave them must be kept private.

Le programme de parrainage Ludilabel permet aux clients de parrainer une amie ou d'afficher sur son site une bannière Ludilabel afin de remporter des bons d'achat !

Gagnez des bons d'achat à chaque fois qu'une commande est validée grâce à vous !

What to do with earned credits of the organization?

You can cumulate as much commissions as you have parents who became new clients of Ludilabel. You can review your credits balance in your account, go to partner section of the website. Twice a year, in june and january, Ludilabel will pay you your 15% commission as a corporate donation by check or bank transfer. 

(1) Wait 5 days before the commission is registered in our system. Important: the discount is available for parents only if they use your personal code on checkout which will confirm your commission.