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Moana Name Labels

Embelish your name labels and your name tags with heavenly designs from "Moana" Disney's motion picture. Characters from Moana are available on every following personalized products : round, rectangular, shoes, mini, iron-on, stick-on name labels, on almost every value packs and on bag tag. Choose your style from a large range of colors and fonts to customize Moana name labels.

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Moana's story,
a legend at the end of the world

Moana is a young girl from the South Pacific ocean islands and a talented sailor, who decides to go and look for a mysterious and fabled hidden island. All along this perilous trip, she will meet and team with her idol, the legendary semi-god Maui. Together they will cross the seas to complete a great epic journey full of marine creatures, breathtaking underwater worlds and also full of old traditions and myths... Moana as a noun means in maori language: "sea, ocean or a large lake".

Moana is available on the following products:

Moana's label on a shirtt

moana iron-on Name labels

A bestseller item to apply name tags on the clothing of children and adults living in communities! Easy to apply with an iron and last a long time.

24 unitsFrom 6.90
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Moana name labels on school supplies

Moana School Name Labels

Name labels for clothes and items designed to be used all along the year. Tag everything with his or her name like shoes, garments, school supplies, gourds, lunchbox...

218 unitsFrom 5,90€
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disney moana preschool label

Moana preSchool Name labels

Vaiana's name labels for clothes and child care equipment. Easily tag belongings such as shoes, clothes, towels, baby bottle, toys...

167 units29.90
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Moana stick on name labels

Moana Ludisticks Stick-on Name label

A cute clothes name sticker to tag shirt, pants, underwears etc. Easy to apply on brand or composition label. Resistant to washing and drying.

36 unitsFrom 12.50
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Moana name label for summer and winter camps

Moana Summer Camps name Labels

Moana name labels to identify  everything in your child summer camp bags. Tag objects and clothes with his or her name like shoes, pants, shirts, sun glasses, gourds, pens, lunchbox...

179 units32.50
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Moana Bag tag


A solid tag to identify your luggages and  bags with your contact information (name and address) and go for a trip with a peace of mind. Moana's bag tag is an invitation to holydays !

1 unit9.90
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Parents review:

Fast delivery. Designs, fonts, colors,... are in conformity with pictures shown on the website. Moreover, now we can choose from a wide range of Disney's characters : my daughters was very happy :-D  it's not my first order, won't be the last one ;-)
Moana Name Label
Gueux's Parent Student Association- As seen on Trustpilot
A lot of options, from classic designs to Disney's, so every ages are served.  For my 4 years old daughter i've chosen Frozen and for my 2 years old one my choice was Minnie! They love it so much !
Moana Name Label
Sandrine G.As seen on Trustpilot

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