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Need to easily print a text on any piece of clohing or on paper ? At home, use this customizable stamp to personalize pale and white clothing and blank stationery (school supplies, envelope, white stickers...) with your own text to change whenever your need. The labeler is already loaded with a black ink cartridge who can be applied on multiple smooth ink-absorbant surfaces (textile, wood, paper...). Contains a rubber letters set with all letters from the latin alphabet and 35 special symbols, a tweezer to position the characters on the printing keyboard. This rubber stamp to compose the text by yourself is perfect to tag the name of your children on clothes. A good deal for big familly with lot of belongings to identify !

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The product

Custom area details:

The alphabet contains 320 font characters on the original set and 35 icons.

Font size : 5mm x 2 mm

A perfect custom stamp to print on clothing and papers at home.

Size5,5 x 2,5 x 7 cm

Product weight5,5 x 2,5 x 7 cm

Parcel weight : 120g

Made in EU and in conformity with EU laws. 

Our suggestions :

The text can be aplied on all surfaces that absorb and retain ink: fine, tight and absorbent fabrics such as cotton, polyester and mixed fabrics (eg cotton t-shirt), sanded wood, stationery and cardboard without lamination (ie unplasticized). Black ink is perfect for pale and white textiles. For dark textiles, you must first apply a specific iron-on white strip and then stamp your text over.


  • A single device and as many texts as you need.
  • Self-inking ! Just have to buy a new ink cartridge when it runs out!
  • Save money ! Use the same device to stamp the names of several children, adapt the text to their ages by adding their class or any relevant details.
  • Fast and serious ! In one simple and glorious swipe you mark any piece of clothing in a flash.
  • No need for thread and needle or ironing to label anymore and the result is much cleaner and readable than a name quickly marked using a felt.
  • Easy to use ! You can use this stamp on clothing but also on paper.

Alternative solutions: For darkest clothes, you can use a white iron-on label and stamp on top, or choose our other name labeling products such as the Ludistick (self-adhesive labels to stick on the composition or brand label of the garment, without sewing or iron) or iron-on name labels, to stick with a blow of iron. These two products last longer on clothes than this stamp.


Shipping fees are offered from 9£ of purchase and packages are shipped within 24/48 hours worldwide. To get more details on delivery, click here.


Tips and instructions:

Ink cartridge already loaded into the labeler, no need to ink before stamping.

When stamping the first time on a item of clothing, position the stamp on the area to print and press down strongly and firmly.

To edit your text :

  1. Place the stamp on a surface, firmly hold, press on the side buttons and stamp to lock.
  2. Pick up the characters and arrange them in mirror mode into the ink pad using the tweezers.
  3. Stamp first on a paper to unlock.

Printed text real size: 14 x 38 mm / 0,5 x 1,5 inch, up to 3 lines.

Water resistant in washing machine.

Refills (Ink cartridge, tweezers, font characters, blank iron-on labels...) soon available on our website.

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resistance Waterproof
illustrations A wide range of designs
format A wide range of sizes and shapes
personnalisation Customization within 3 clicks
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