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How to refer a friend?

Give your friend your personal discount code. By applying this code when proceeding to checkout, your friend will be granted a 10% discount on a first order. As the referrer, you will get a 2 euros voucher, available almost immediately in your account(1). (You must be logged in) Give it to friends hand to hand or by phone, email or social networks in private or in public. In the case we've found your personal code on discount sharing websites, you can be removed from the program. 

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Is this program limited?

There's almost no limitation to the use of this program. You can cumulate an illimited number of referred friends or visitors and get more and more vouchers. Don't share your personal discount code on discount sharing websites.

If you have a blog and/or are very active on social medias:

You can share your unique and personal affiliate URL including your ID number. Every time a person click on your link and successfully place an order, you'll get a 2 euros voucher on your account(2). Share this link on social media, email, forums or choose one of our gorgeous banners available here to put on your website. You can display one of our banner in your site or blog with provided link or script (You must be logged in). Every time a visitor click on the banner then checkout you get a commission. You can share your affiliate link simply by going to the "refer a friend" tab then choose among automatic sharing solutions for Email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Gagnez des bons d'achat

How to use my vouchers?

You can have as much vouchers as you have referees like friends and visitors who had placed an order after following your link or after applying your personal discount code. All commissions are available in your account history. Each one can be turned into a voucher to buy products on our website waiting a period of 5 days after a referee successfully paid an order(1).



Log in anytime to check your performance with data of sales, traffic generated and your commission balance.

(1)  A waiting period of 5 days is necessary before you can use a commission and apply a voucher. (2) Important: the visitor who have clicked on your personal link or on our banners then placed an order won't get a 10% discount, the discount is only for friends who have applied your personal discount code. 

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